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How a professional company cleans a rug

Determine fiber content
Identify origin of rug to determine any cleaning considerations and inspect for pre-existing conditions under special lights
Check for color fastness, and possibility of dye bleed and color migration
Choose the cleaning method to be preformed
Remove dry soil and pile lifting with state of the art technology
Apply pre-treatment and pre-conditioners, (sometime this process is performed by soaking in the vat)
Cleaned (2 times each side minimum, more times if necessary)
Groom and set pile
Dried in control air flow area for quick drying time which prevents cellulosic browning, curled edges and shrinkage
Fringe cleaning, grooming of fringes (and correction if necessary)
Quality control
Fiber protectant and moth deterrent applied
Dried in controled air flow area for quick drying time which prevents cellulosic browning, curled edges and shrinkage
Roll up and wrap for delivery, storage, or pick up

After reviewing these principles of cleaning, you see that in plant is the most thorough, and efficient way of cleaning. At To The Rescue we promote the most through cleaning possible.

We will be happy to do a free in-home evaluation of your rugs and can discuss a maintenance plan with you, if you wish to schedule this call 205-252-5326.

Rug Protectant

Each Rug cleaned at our facility is coated with rug protectant. Scotchgard protectant for rugs surrounds the fibers with an invisible barrier that protects against oils and water-based stains. We groom the rug after cleaning and after applying protectant. Grooming will make your rug look its best and will allow the protectant to be distributed evenly on each individual fiber.

Fringe cleaning and bleaching

Rugs with fringe sometimes can be hard to deal with! Sometimes after cleaning the fringe, the flaws of ragged yarns are more visible. We pay special attention to cleaning fringes and removing soils, along with grooming for a finished touch. We guarantee the fringes will have the most thorough soil and spot removal possible.

Why we clean rugs in plant instead of a customer’s home?

May result in permanent damage to the rug and/or flooring under and around the rug.
Incomplete soil removal will occur due to the inability to perform dry soil removal from both sides of rug adequately.
Improper wet cleaning causes prolonged drying, texture change, cellulosic browning, dye migration, mildew, and/or dry rot.”
Fringe cleaning is nearly impossible in an on-location environment.

Fringe cleaning is nearly impossible in an on-location environment.

  • We may clean area rug in someone’s home only if needs a little touch up

  • Spot cleaning after a minor spill

  • Light topical cleaning for maintenance does not include fringe

This will be at technician’s discretion depending on

  • Material and make of rug

  • If sufficient pad is laying underneath rug

  • If we are familiar with the rug and have cleaned it before

Urine on rug

Because of the nature of materials and the construction of rugs we cannot guarantee 100 % of urine stains to be removed or that urine stains are removable. 
Each pet urine makeup is unique because of dirt, medications, age, health, sex and reproductive cycles.
Pet Urine left unattended can damage the rug allowing separation or delimitation of the backing material and seams or by removing color in died yarns.
We guarantee to use the best products on the market for urine removal and we are an IICRC Certified Firm that follows those guidelines closely to ensure the most thorough cleaning and restoration on your rug.

Urine And Pet Stain Removal
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