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Color Restoration

Oriental Rug Color Restoration

The multiple colors of Oriental rugs make them outstanding. They, like all rugs, are subject to fading. Age, sun and unprecedented use of bleaches and detergents cause color damage to Oriental rugs. There are methods that restore the color. An experienced dyeing master can perfectly restore the color.

A reputable company offers restoration services for Oriental rugs. Using their technology, experience and skills, rugs are treated and restored to their original condition. 

Equipment Used

Determination of Restoration Process

There is a difference in the way area rugs and Oriental rugs are constructed. Advanced processes are used to fit each rug. A hands-on process is combined with the latest technology to restore Oriental rugs.

Most Oriental rugs have wool, silk or cotton foundations. The pile is usually made of wool that has been colored with synthetic or vegetable dyes. Experts are trained to recognize rugs’ complexities and avoid problems. The extent of color loss determines the equipment that will be used. Intricacy and numbers of colors that are also needed influence the choice of equipment.

Restoration Techniques

Bleach spots, faded areas and stubborn stains on multi-color patterns or solid color Oriental rugs can be restored. The blemishes are removed and re-dyed to match the original color and design of the carpet. Unique technology is used.

The training technicians have covers all aspects of the carpet industry from manufacturing to care of the rugs. Chemistry and physics are involved in restoring color to carpets. Color selection is the hardest decision for carpet or rug owners. Technicians can make, restore and match the colors in Oriental rugs.

The dying system used is very-low moisture. Special dyes bond to the carpet’s fibers and existing colors. They are guaranteed to be colorfast.
The dyes do not rub off. They set instantly. The carpets can be walked upon immediately following the application. Traditional cleaning can take place in the future.

The intricate details of Oriental rugs are restored. Custom airbrush equipment that has been developed specifically for the fascinating art of these rugs is used. Properly-performed color restoration does not diminish the value of the rug. The process can add to the perceived value because the color will be more uniform in its appearance, and vibrancy will be restored.

Syringes can be used on small areas. Sprayers may be used on large areas. Specialized application tools are used to apply dyes precisely to intricate patterns and designs. A skilled technician is capable of rebuilding detailed, multicolored designs and patterns of Oriental rugs.


Oriental rug color restoration is an important aspect of ownership and maintenance of the priceless rugs. Keeping them in good condition is a natural desire of people who own the precious pieces of artwork. Appropriate color restoration of the symmetrical patterns should be placed in the hands of experts.

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