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 Shag Rugs Cleaning

Shag Rug Cleaning

A shag or shaggy rug is a beautiful piece of addition to any room. Compared to other rugs, there are two main features which set these rugs apart. The first is that the yarn which is used for weaving these rugs is longer than the one used for other rugs. The second varying feature is that they have a lose pile, which gives them a notably different appearance.

Styles your rug

Shaggy rugs can be found in the market in three main styles: mini shag, short shag and long shag. The mini shag has a longer pile than the one found on a traditional rug. The short shag has a slightly longer pile, and the long shag rug has a pile which is twice the length of a medium shag rug.

Whichever of the above shag rugs you opt for, your room will look more elegant as long as you as you play it nice with the colors and set the right ambiance in the room.


There are two main ways in which shag rugs can be created: hand knotting and hand tufting. In the first of these processes, the knots are tied with the fibers. Since this process is difficult and takes a lot of times and efforts, hand knotted shag rugs are among the most expensive type, especially if they feature a decorative pattern.

A hand tufted rug is a more economical option, but it is less durable than a hand woven rug. A piece of canvas is fixed on a wooden frame and the fibers of the rug are punched through it using a hand process tool. After all the yarns have been fixed with the canvas, a fabric piece is sewed to the back. Fringes are also sewed to the sides or may even be glued.

The Cleaning Process

We follow a quality and detailed shag rug cleaning process. In the first step, we inspect your rug and determine the material from which the yarn is made. We examine all the fibers and note down all stains that are present.

Once the sort of stains on your rug are determined, we will take steps to remove them. Generally, this includes immersing your rug in mild cleaning solutions or rubbing the spot with a suitable agent. If the yarn of your rug contains cotton in certain percentages, we try not to get your rug wet.

Moreover, we also use alkaline based solutions so that we can minimize the risks of color fading that are associated with color fading and shrinking.
After all the stains have been properly removed, we proceed to the next part of our shag rug cleaning process. We only use gentle processes so as to maintain the quality of your rug and prevent it from any damages.

Extra Services

After your rug has undergone our shag rug cleaning, we may also subject it to additional treatments if you ask us too. These include moth prevention and stain protection. 

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