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Moth Damaged Rugs

Treat and Prevent Moths in Rugs

Moth restoration are a common service which are availed by many of our consumers. Generally, rugs get affected by moth in areas that lie in the dark and have little or no traffic such as under the furniture. Moths actually like these places and choose them as their breeding sites. With time, the infestation grows and your rug gets damaged. In this case, you will need a moth restoration service.

What are common signs of moth damage?

The following signs indicate that your carpet has been infected by moth.

  • Particles which are similar to sand can be found deep in the fibers of your rug

  • Missing pile in some places or bare spots

  • Presence of eggs, cocoons, and moths

What should you do if you realize that your carpet has been infested with moth?

The simplest thing to do is give us a call, and avail our Moth restoration and proofing service. Once we receive your rug, we will inspect it thoroughly and then kill the moth. After this, we will subject your rug to a cleaning process which will remove the dead insects. Any damages like holes will be taken care of, and repaired once your rug has undergone complete treatment.

What is in a moth restoration process?

If your rug is infested, we will kill the existing moth before we repair the damage. We spray both sides of your rug with a disinfectant, which is widely used for treating a number of pests. This substance kills both the moth and their eggs.

If required, we will wrap your rugs up and subject them to treatment for several days. This ensures that the moth is properly killed. Once the periodic is over, we will unwrap your rug and thoroughly rinse and vacuum it.

How can you prevent a moth infestation?

The following tips will help you in protecting your rug from moth damage.

  • Get you rug cleaned with a professional cleaning service once in a while.

  • Vacuum you rug two or three times in a week. While doing this, make sure you do it on all the corners and even under the furniture since these are the spots which moths love the most. Also be sure to vacuum the back side of your rug.

  • Rotate your rug after every few weeks; this will ensure even wear and tear.

  • Treat your rug with a moth ball, but there is a disadvantage to this. The emitted vapors from these balls are poisonous, and you will have to ensure your pets or children do not eat them.

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