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Persian Rug Cleaning

Persian Rug Cleaning

Do you have a silk rug in your home? These are a great piece of art, and instantly beautify any room where they are laid. You will always want your rug to maintain its attractive appearance, right? Well, this can only be when you avail the services of a professional silk rug cleaning company on a regular basis. Indeed, you can try to do this at home but other than regular sweeping and vacuuming, we highly advise you not to do anything else.

Silk rugs are valuable, which is why they can only be effectively cleaned when you have complete knowledge of the rug’s origin, the quality of the material, the dyes used, and the age of the rug. Generally, what most homeowners do is clean their silk rug with some foam and sponge. This damages the fiber of your rug and shortens it light.
So instead of home cleaning, you should send your rug over to us and we will take care of the rest.

A Detailed Persian Rug Cleaning Process

We have a quality Persian rug cleaning, which is optimized to meet your every need. As we clean your rug, we make sure that we neither spoil the quality nor damage the rug in anyway.

The details

Generally, we follow three main types of cleaning processes.

Dry cleaning

In this process, we hardly use any water and use mild substances to clean your rug. Generally, we choose this technique when there is a risk that the color may fade away.

Tack out

If there is a risk that your rug may shrink or lose its shape, we will use our tack out process. We fix your rug firmly onto surface and then clean it in this position. This ascertains that your rug will not lose its shape or shrink.

Specialized process

In this process, thorough cleaning of your oriental rug is ensured. We spray mild detergent on your rug and then scrub it gently until it is properly cleaned.

Here is what is involved :
  • Inspecting your rug and identifying all the stains present

  • Giving you an estimate of the costs involved and providing you with complete details about the cleaning techniques which we plan on using. If you give us approval, we will move forward with our process.

  • Analyzing if there any risks involved with cleaning your rug and then taking the necessary steps to eliminate them.

  • Vacuuming your rug so as to remove all dust and other particles which may be present.

  • Pre-treating your rug with our special processes. These are aimed at getting rid of all heavy and deep stains that are found on your rug.

  • Cleaning your rug with any of our suitable cleaning methods.

  • Subjecting your rug to any special treatment which you may have taken such as moth treatment, odor removal and stain protectant.

  • Drying your rug in our modern drying rooms that feature all the latest technologies

  • Inspecting your rug once more and examining our results. In most cases, we never have to clean the rug again. Still, if there is something which does not satisfy us, we may repeat either the entire process or some steps.

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