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Rug Re-Fringing 

Rug Re-Fringing and Binding

A rug fringe is the warp of a rug. If you examine your rug, you will notice woolen or silk strands coming out of the edge which are tied together into a knot. This is the fringe, which runs from one end of your rug right onto the other side.

In the case of a machine woven rug, the fringe is added in the end after the entire rug is woven. It is either sewed in the rug or just glued to the edge. For hand woven rugs, the fringes are the result of the weave.

How do the fringes on your rug loosen?

Your rug is exposed to traffic and environmental factors every day. As time passes, all these things have a toll on the rug. Dirt settles in and stains form on the rug, which frays the fringes, causing them to tear apart from the edge of the rug.

When fringes suffer from wear and tear, the knots loosen up, which unravels the rug. Should this happen, the beauty of your rug will be marred and you will need a rug re-fringing and binding process to restore it to its original condition. Fringe treatment for machine woven rugs is easier than hand woven rugs. 

What is meant by rug binding?

Rug binding is a process, which maintains the original beauty and of your rug.

What is involved in a rug re-fringing and binding?

Rug fringes can be fixed in several ways. The most common of these are given below. Before we move onto the details, please note that the first step of a rug re-fringing and binding is always a thorough inspection. Accordingly, a suitable method is determined.

Securing the fringes

If your rug fringes have suffered from minimum damage, you can get them repaired. In this case, we will sew your fringes with new yarn in a proper manner for hand woven rugs. If your rug is machine woven, we will just attach a new fringe.

Adding a new fringe

If you have had your rug for several years, the fringes will be old and frayed. In this case, rather than fixing the existing fringe, we will ask you to replace it with a new fringe. While doing this, we assure that the material and color of the new fringes matches with your old rug, which will make the repair unnoticeable.

Weaving a new fringe

This method applies to handmade rugs only and is chosen when the fringes have been extensively damaged. In this process, we wave a completely new fringe for your rug, which matches with the existing one. The technique is difficult but guarantees quality results.

Binding the rug

Once your fringes have been treated, you can also avail a rug binding service for extra protection. We us different materials for this and attach them to the edge of the rug for extra support. This protects your rug against wear and tear.

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