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Flokati Rug Care 

Originating from Greece, Flokati rugs have been around for a long time. Initially, they were just used by the shepherds for purposes such as clothing, bed sheets and even tents. Flokati rugs are thick and so kept them warm throughout the cold winter months. As time passed, the women of these shepherds begin to weave these rugs, made them more beautiful and started selling them. Eventually, this became a tradition and now these rugs are manufactured around the world.

Flokati rugs offer a feeling of sensuality, adding elegance to wherever they are laid. They are crafted from the finest wool available, which makes them more durable and increases their lifespan. Though available in several colors, Flokati rugs look best in shades of cream and whites.

As beautiful as they may be, this is only until Flokati rugs are kept clean. Though you can do this at home, it is best to avail a professional Flokati rug cleaning service. We are a reputed name in the cleaning sector and offer services of high quality.

There are limited options when it comes to cleaning the fibers of your Flokati rugs. Still, if a suitable process is chosen, you will notice quality results. Here is what is involved in our Flokati rug cleaning process, but this may vary, depending on the type of rug you have.

Flokati Rug Cleaning

Our general process

We will first brush your rug thoroughly and then vacuum it with advanced equipment. We vacuum Flokati rugs with suction only and avoid using the beater bar and the revolving brush. After this, we use mild agents to clean your rug and then give it a through brush to remove all the dust particles. While doing so, we try our best to limit wetting your rug.
Once we are done with cleaning, we dry your rugs in state-of-the-art rooms which feature advanced equipment.

Using pressurized air flow

We first remove the dirt particles from your rug by giving it a vigorous shake. Next we use a pressure of air to effectively remove all dust and debris.
This process does not require the use of water.

If your rug is small, we may machine wash it. We only use mild detergents that contain no bleaching agents. Once the detergent cleans you rug, we add more chemicals to soften the fibers and maintain the fluffiness of your original rug. In the end, we leave your to dry. 

Machine washing your rug
Machine washing your rug

Professional Flokati rug cleaning does work and will give you results. However, in order to preserve the beauty of your rug, you should abide by the following.
•Rotate the rug once in every few days to even out wear. This applies to any rug, and just Flokati rugs.
•Vacuum your rug two or three times in a week. Only use suction for this, and not the rotating brush if you want to prevent your rug from damaging.
•Avoid dry cleaning and bleaching your Flokati rug.

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