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RAMEY CLEANING INC, DBA TO THE RESCUE! stated as “us” or we” agree to perform work specified in a professional manner while using  industry guidelines and recommendations. Please know that the professional cleaner may be limited in results due to relative conditions and the nature of the individual article being cleaned.

Listed below are common conditions which may be encountered we disclaim liability for and you as signer agree to not hold us responsible for.

We need to know your type of material being cleaned: is it natural or if it is synthetic, the age and durability of the fabric, professional or do-it yourself-attempts; also, has the piece been re-upholstered.


In the case of do- it- yourself attempts, prior cleanings may have left residues, which may come back to cause problems with your cleaning.

Detergent concentration levels from previous spot removal attempts may have resulted in uneven drying, browning or bleeding.


Unless shrinkage or wrinkles is caused by our own negligence, we will not be held responsible.


Some spots may not make it possible to restore original color or texture. Some times a spot will appear to be even more visible after a general cleaning of the material. Spotting work is performed at customer's risk because removal of stains is not guaranteed.

Carpeting, by nature, has certain permanent characteristics (fluffing, blooming, pile shading) that cannot be changed and may even be highlighted by cleaning.


The colorfastness of fabric, rugs yarns, leather, or other materials depends on the material and the dyes used in manufacturing. After testing such materials, we have advised the customer regarding the adverse effects which may result due to the cleaning process.


The customer will not hold us responsible for color fading due to light, age, or weak or deteriorated material. 

Custom pieces may be made with a double backing. Sometimes this backing separates from use, cleaning or deterioration of the bonding agent used. We cannot be responsible for separation of the backing or the wrinkles which it may occur.


Natural fabric will take longer to dry and more likely to bleed or wick.


The older the fabric, the more sensitive it is to damage from abrasion, harsh cleaning and spot removal agents.


Fabric may have hidden moth damage or “dry rot” that only becomes apparent during the cleaning process.


A storage charge may be applicable to your piece being brought back to our facility.


No responsibility is assumed by us for any damage existing prior to the receipt of goods or which may develop by reason of any the usual processes employed.


Most Oriental, Persian, Dhurrie, Chinese, Indian, Egyptian, or similar style rugs are handmade from natural fibers, unspecified dyes, and different types of workmanship.  As such, they are subject to irregularities in color, shape and yarn tension. Dark colors may tend to bleed into lighter ones; fringes may develop browning due to breakdown of natural components within the fibers.  While some of these problems can be remedied, please be advised that there may be some permanent changes to the appearance and texture of your rugs.


Dry cleaning processes aren’t as effective as washing, steam-cleaning or shampooing on heavily soiled rugs.  However, there are times when it is the only SAFE option.  If this is the case, there will be an additional charge. Every attempt will be made to safely get your rug as clean as possible.


For insurance purposes, we must record the value of precious rugs in our possession. Increased liability is just one of the additional costs that we incur in cleaning valuable rugs. Therefore, our cleaning charges must reflect the value of your rug.

(Rugs valued over $500 will incur an additional charge of 3% of the estimated value over $500.)


Payment:  Contractor will issue invoices to Customer which shall describe the work being invoiced and the charge for the work. Payment is due Upon Receipt unless prior arrangements have been made. In addition to the Finance Charges set forth below, Customer agrees to pay Administration Fees of one and one-half percent (1.5%) per month on any unpaid balance after thirty (30) days of the invoice date, plus all actual collection costs, collection agency commissions, actual attorneys’ fees, expert fees, and court costs.

Finance Charges: Customer will pay interest at the rate of ten percent (10%) per year on any unpaid balance after thirty (30) days of the date of invoice (interest is separate from, and in addition to the Administration Fees set forth above.)

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