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Wool Rug Cleaning

So you are planning to get a woolen rug for your home. Indeed, this is a great investment as long as you preserve the value of your rug and maintain its beauty. How do you do this? By regularly cleaning your rug. As time passes, dirt will accumulate in your rug and you must avail a professional wool rug cleaning service to get it cleaned. Not doing this will allow the particles to collect in the fiber, which will damage when the accumulation increases.

If you send your rug to us, we will subject it to our advanced wool rug cleaning process and make sure that its quality is maintained for several years to come. In what follows, we will describe our general cleaning process, but please note that some of the steps do vary with every rug.

Pre-inspecting your rug

No matter what type of rug, this is always the first step of our wool rug cleaning process. We thoroughly inspect your rug and note down its quality, durability, and color. We also examine the stains and try to figure out their origin. Accordingly, we come up with a suitable method that will take care of all the stains. We also determine a proper cleaning process which will not mar the quality of your rug or damage it in anyway.

Removing the stains

Once we have determined the type of stains on your rug, we start removing them. We use quality cleaning agents for this. These act with the stain and loosen the bond which the stain particles develop with the fibers. If required, we will immerse the rug for some time in the agents to completely remove the particles, but this will not have any negative effect on your rug.

Getting rid of the dirt

The next step of our wool rug cleaning process is to get rid of the dirt. We do this with a number of techniques. The simplest of these is to shake your rug effectively so that it gets rid of all loose dirt. Next, we use our advanced vacuum cleaners to remove all dust particles more effectively.
At this stage, we do not wet your rug because doing that just embeds the dirt particles more firmly. 

Dry cleaning your rug

Generally, we dry clean your woolen rug. If we wash and rinse it with water, it may damage the rug. As such, dry cleaning is a better choice in most cases. Even if we do have to wash your rug for some reason, we dry it by extremely rapid techniques so that the quality of your rug is not affected. 

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